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Long Island’s Premier Wholesalers

Houses At Wholesale is a family-owned business that is based locally in New York. Having been born and raised on Long Island, we are intimately familiar with the New York metro area and can quickly identify a good deal. 

We spend day and night searching for the best off-market deals so that we can offer them to our buyers. We are experts at working with sellers and sourcing the best off-market real estate deals in New York. That’s backed up by the fact that we have sourced over $20 million of property in New York over the past 12 months spanning Long Island, Queens, and Brooklyn.

Wholesaling and wholesalers can often have a poor reputation, but we do everything above board, with honesty and integrity. This is important to us because we wouldn’t have been able to grow and sustain our business over the years without these core values.

We have personally spoken to the sellers, underwritten the property, and negotiated the price for all the properties that we source so you don’t have to worry about there being a ton of wholesalers involved in the sale who add little value.

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515 9th Ave, Suite 7N
New York, NY 10018

Phone: (631) 210-5507

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